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What is logistics replenishment?

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Restocking is an important process for a company. Stock management is essential , as it directly affects the company’s business and sales, and consequently its development. Restocking is an essential and strategic process, and the better it’s managed the better the company’s chances of surviving. Let’s take a closer look at all this.

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Goods To Person robotics at the heart of tomorrow's ultra-agile, compact and sustainable warehouse!

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The boom in e-commerce, which in France is worth 147 billion euros and is expected to reach 200 billion by 2025, and the resulting new consumer demands - omnichannel, speed of delivery, quality of service and even CSR - have revolutionized logistics and de facto warehousing, across all business sectors.

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Stock outages: how do you manage your stock in a logistics warehouse?

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“Stock management has a direct impact on the financial health of the enterprise, its development and its ability to meet demand. That’s why it must be optimized at all costs. This means avoiding stockouts in particular.

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Stock management: definition, calculation, method

Par SCALLOG Experts | le | temps de lecture : 8 min

Stock management is an essential factor in optimizing the sustainability of an enterprise. The ability to manage stock efficiently is crucial for generating a good turnover rate and avoiding over-stocking and stock shortages. In this article you can find out everything you need to know about stock management: its definition, roles, methods, objectives and key metrics.

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