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How do you manage stock using Excel?

Par SCALLOG Experts | le | temps de lecture : 7 min

In logistics and accounting, many tasks require the use of special software, which usually has to be purchased. However, with its many features, Excel can also be used in many situations. With a solid management model, you can efficiently manage your stock in Excel.

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Amazon Robotics and logistics robots in the supply chain

Par SCALLOG Experts | le | temps de lecture : 7 min

Supply chain enterprises looking to increase their productivity and reduce the repetitiveness of operator tasks are investing more and more in the automation of their distribution centres. In 2012, Amazon acquired KIVA Systems, a company specializing in robots for logistics solutions. France had fallen behind in this technology, but Scallog was quick to position itself in an expanding market.

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Dark stores: the future of urban logistics?

Par SCALLOG Experts | le | temps de lecture : 10 min

Just like restaurants, shops have a side that’s hidden from the general public. As urban logistics evolve, more and more dark stores are appearing in city centres and shopping malls. But what really drives the dark store phenomenon? A delivery in under 15 minutes? The availability of derelict downtown real estate and its renovation in the service of the client? Whatever their secret, dark stores are turning the world of food retail upside down. Following the agreement between Carrefour and Cajoo, now it’s the turn of Casino to team up with German dark store heavyweight Gorillas.

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Reverse logistics: automation to keep control costs

Par SCALLOG Experts | le | temps de lecture : 6 min

Reverse logistics is a major supply chain issue for retail and e-commerce players in France. Like delivery, management of returned products is now a key element of customer satisfaction.

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