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Four tips for effectively managing logistics flows

Par SCALLOG Experts | le | temps de lecture : 12 min

Controlling and optimizing logistics workflowsis of paramount importance to every company managing stocks of goods. This involves, of course, not only the physical flow of goods but also the flow of information. While this requires deployment of a specific strategy and the appropriate tools to meet the objectives, it brings substantial benefits over time.

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What are the differences between supply chain and logistics?

Par SCALLOG Experts | le | temps de lecture : 8 min

Supply chain and logistics are two terms that can easily be mixed up. Although they’re inter-related concepts, however, they’re quite distinct activities and serve different purposes. In this article we’ll examine what each of these terms means, and what the differences are between “logistics” and “supply chain”.

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The six challenges facing the logistics sector today

Par SCALLOG Experts | le | temps de lecture : 9 min

Successful logistics is the result of a combination of factors: customer satisfaction, employee management and increased efficiency through optimization of existing processes. In an ever-changing world, the industry is now faced with new challenges: it has to get on top of environmental issues, and anticipate future development and innovations.

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Why automate picking in a warehouse?

Par SCALLOG Experts | le | temps de lecture : 10 min

At a time when consumption patterns and consumer demands are changing, picking is a crucial step in the preparation of retail orders. But it’s also one of the most time-consuming and costly of all logistical operations. For pickers, who spend more than 70% of their time on the move (covering between 10 and 15 km per day), it’s arduous work that involves a lot of walking around.

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