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Examples of best practice and the future of automated handling!

Par SCALLOG Experts | le | temps de lecture : 8 min

Handling is an integral part of logistics. Its purpose is to move products, at the “right” cost , in the “right” quantity and at the “right” time, to the “right” location.  “Handling”designates all manner of actions performed manually in the distribution centre.

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Managing stock with a WMS – a major supply chain challenge

Par SCALLOG Experts | le | temps de lecture : 11 min

For enterprises in today’s world, where customers are increasingly demanding in terms of service and speed of delivery, logistics can make the difference between success and failure. The key to success lies in a powerful and agile supply chain. And that’s where Warehouse Management Systems (WMS) prove invaluable.

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Logistics warehouse: which automation solution for your stock

Par SCALLOG Experts | le | temps de lecture : 20 min

In order fulfilment, we make a distinction between wholesale picking and retail picking. Wholesale picking deals with large quantities, generally destined for re-stocking retail outlets.  In wholesale picking we never take a single article - we take boxes or whole pallets of products. In retail picking, only a few products with certain characteristics (size, colour etc.) are picked. 

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ERP: Definition and overview of an essential tool

Par SCALLOG Experts | le | temps de lecture : 15 min

In today’s world, huge amounts of information circulate instantly. In distribution centres, during major spikes in activity, stocks have to be increased to keep up with sales volumes and meet delivery pledges. Which means logistics professionals must be able to rely on a high-performance information system. This is where ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) comes in.

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